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Announcement about the cooperation between Open Health Alliance and Allies of Health of the University of Athens

Mon, 04/11/2013 - 14:04 -- thalassis2

Open Health Alliance and the voluntary program of University of Athens, Allies of Health join their forces, in order to provide  health care to our fellow citizens in need.

 As a part of its social activities, Open Health Alliance announces the signing of a agreement with the voluntary program of University of Athens “Allies of Health". The cooperation of the two non-profit organizations is aiming to provide our fellow citizens in need, with qualitative health care. The action will take place in cooperation with municipalities in Attica. 


(In the photo the President of Open Health Alliance, Dr. F. Patsourakos, the President of the Scientific Committee of Allies of Health Dr. G.Tounta and the General Director of OHA, Mr. G.Kakoulidis.)

The cooperation is going to take place in two areas of action: 

1) The participation of members - doctors Open Health Alliance in the “Allies of Health" ’s Program.
2) The usage of laboratory facilities of the members of the Open Health Alliance, in order to provide free medical and clinical operations to our fellow citizens in need in Attica. 
Soon Open Health Alliance will begin its actions in cooperation with the Allies of Health Program, which will work on reinforcing the structures health and welfare of the municipalities and the cooperating agencies.

Open Health Alliance is confident that the co-operation with Allies of Health will be an important step in improving the quality of life of our fellow citizens in need.

Monday, 4 November, 2013