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Meeting between Athens Medical Association and Open Health Alliance

Mon, 04/11/2013 - 14:08 -- thalassis2


A very beneficial meeting took  place between the President of the Medical Association of Athens(ISA) G. Patoulis and the Board of Open Health Alliance(OHA). They discussed ways of supporting doctors of the organization, and ways of cooperation between the two associations in Attica and also nationwide.


The president of Open Health Alliance, Mr. F. Patsourakos,  analyzed the goals and the purposes of the Association. He said that: “Open Health Alliance is a field of interaction and collaboration between its members, in order to improve the working conditions of doctors, but also the quality of services to the citizens. We propose and implement solutions for collective action, which help the physician to overcome bureaucratic obstacles.”

The General Secretary of  OHA Mr. A. Plakiotis informed the President of the ISA for the ways of interaction and collaboration among OHA’s members, in order to improve the working conditions of doctors, but also the quality of services that they provide to patients. Also Mr. Plakiotis condemned  the medical advertising of the major “players” of health against the small medical practices of  the neighborhood.

The President of the Medical Association of Athens G. Patoulis assured OHA, that ISA stands and will stand in the future next to each doctor  and would resist any attempt of closing the small medical practices and delivering the Greek Primary Health Care in large private health chains . He stated : " We asked for a healthcare system,  that works with the equal participation of all doctors and  patients. Immediate payment of accrued medical visits and acts of  health providers and the withdrawal of the rebate for small laboratories and the implementation of  a fair scalable system are red lines for ISA."

Also at the meeting, participants discussed ways of cooperation between ISA and OHA and the involvement of  OHA’s members in the Volunteers’ Network of Social Clinic.

The meeting was attended by the President of ISA G. Patoulis, General Secretary of  ISA Mr. Stavros Tsoukalas. Open Health Alliance was represented by the President and Treasurer of ISA Mr. F. Patsourakos , Vice Board member of the ISA , I. Datseris , the General Secretary Mr. A. Plakiotis , Treasurer Mr. M. Papacharalambous, Special Secretary Mr. A. Papamichael , Special Secretary Mrs. PHC . S. Antonopoulos, Board members Ms. X. Tsatsaki and Mr. T. Hatzipanagiotou and the General Director of  OHA , Mr. G. Kakoulides.

Monday, 4 November, 2013