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Σάββας Παπαγρηγοριάδης

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Σάββας Παπαγρηγοριάδης
Consultant Colorectal & Laparoscopic Surgeon & Senior Lecturer in Surgery
King's College Hospital, London, UK

I was born in Athens, Greece and I did my medical and initial surgical training in Greece. I have been working in NHS and University positions in the UK since 1994.I have been on the Specialist Register of the GMC since 1994.

My fist NHS consultant position was in 1998 at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough. Since 2001 I am a Consultant in Colorectal Surgery at King's College Hospital London. I am also a Senior Lecturer in Surgery.

I am the Clinical Lead of the Department of Colorectal Surgery and the Lead for Clinical Governance for Surgery/ Orthpaedics/ Urology.

I am a
Clinical Advisor to the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

I work as a
medicolegal expert witness to the courts for the UK and other countries.

My main
clinical interests are colorectal cancer, diverticular disease and pelvic floor disorders although I work in the whole spectrum of colorectal surgery.

I specialize in
minimally invasive surgery such as TEMS (Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery) and Laparoscopic surgery.
I am a
trainer of the LapCo, which is the national programme set up by the Department of Health for training of consultant surgeons on laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer.

I believe that the constant effort of the surgeon should be to inflict as little injury to the patient but doing only small incisions on the body and as little damage as possible. This is what minimally invasive surgery is about.

My research interests are treatment and surveillance of bowel cancer and pathogenesis , epidemiology and management of diverticular disease. I run a dedicated diverticular disease clinic which aims to treat patients avoiding unnecessary surgery.  

I supervise currently
6 research fellows doing postgraduate degrees for MD(Res) or PhD Thesis for the University of London. The topics of the thesis are on epidemiology of diverticular disease, the role of neurotransmitters in pathogenesis of diverticular disease, the role of probiotics in the treatment of chronic symptoms of diverticular disease, the endoscopic staging and treatment of early colorectal neoplasms, the early diagnosis and management of anastomotic leaks and other post-surgery complications and the applications of artificial neural networks in the analysis of surgical outcomes.  

NHS practice is at King's College Hospital. Referrals from GPs or specilaists to department of colorectal surgery at or on 0203 299 3869.

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